Welcome To The Ranch Club

Today's Club Experience - Embracing the Big Sky Spirit


Set among the rolling hills first settled by Gaspard Deschamps in the 1800's, The Ranch Club members, known affectionately as "Ranchers", represent the true embodiment of the Big Sky Spirit.  We are typically a little different cut...we are rugged, we work hard, we enjoy the great outdoors, and we earn the right to play hard...which is where The Ranch Club fits in.  The Ranch Club has grown to embody the spirit of our members through Missoula's finest member-oriented facilities, the club's extensive member social calendar, and through the great spirit of family and friends. 

Unparalleled links golf is the centerpiece of The Ranch Club experience.  This Les Furbur designed course takes you along curving hillsides and around remarkable water features.  The course itself was designed to not disrupt the natural setting providing unobstructed views of the Missoula valley in all directions.  The course has been designed to accommodate leisure, and your game is always enhanced by the stunning surroundings.  If you look any farther than the next hole ahead, you'll be greeted by distant mountains on all sides, below billowing white clouds in the bluest of Montana's skies.  

"...The Ranch Club is a fine example, both in aesthetics and tactics, of golf course architecture..."
- Jon Cummings, renowned golf course critic.

Great Golf is Just the Beginning.....

Golf is just the beginning of what is available to our "Ranchers."  Our members also enjoy a great fitness facility, an expansive 4-pool complex, and a top-notch restaurant serving great food and beverage.  But the true heart of The Ranch Club, like all great clubs, is the social atmosphere.  Our member activity calendar is filled with BBQ's, family movie nights, kids activities, wine socials, XC skiing, yoga, pilates, weight-training, snow shoeing, ice skating, hockey, curling broom-ball and more. 

Sure, golf comes first for most of our members.  But to be a great year round club, we strive to bring you activities that will keep you engaged throughout the year.  The Ranch Club is located just 10 minutes from downtown Missoula, Montana, a short 4 miles west of Reserve on Mullan Road. 

To learn more about the Ranch Club, membership opportunities, real estate, weddings, events, corporate activities and more, please contact us at nmckethen@ranchclub.com. or call us at (406) 532-1000.

The Ranch Club is owned and operated by Vanguard Golf.