We would like to think that after 145 years, Gaspard Deschamps would approve of our passion for hospitality.  The Ranch Club prides itself on creating convenient opportunities throughout the year for members to gather with family and friends.

The Ranch Club is designed to be a daily destination for you and your family.  Members bank on hours of relaxation and enjoyment while engaging their favorite recreational pursuits.  Clubhouse and patio porch are great places to be when it comes to banquets, member parties and community events.  Ranch pool facility is a buzz of activity from morning until dark during Summer months.  Ranch fitness center is expansive while a personal trainer is available for programming, which will keep you mentally and physically strong.

The Ranch Club restaurant is a popular dining outpost with varied and affordable menus offering some of the finest culinary treats and unique twists on comfortable favorites in Missoula.  The outdoor deck, open during the Summer months, has been called the finest outdoor dining experience in Missoula.  Add an extensive wine list along with friendly attentive service and you'll soon see why an evening at the Ranch should be explored.

The Owl's Home, Too!

And finally, just as ranchers and farmers have respected the land which gave them life for the millennium, one of our many environmental programs involves...the Owls!  For thirty years, our land has been home to a parliament of over seventy owls, one of which on Ranch property is the protected long eared owl.  World renowned owl specialist Denver Holt has spent the past several years studying our family of owls.  Click here to view Denver's Owl Research Institute organization.  Together, with our members, we are all committed to preserving this vibrant and healthy native owl habitat.