Welcome to Winter Break 2021! Click here to view the awesome TV ad. 

Thanks for checking out The Ranch Club's Winter Break page! It's hard to believe we're approaching our 7th annual event! It just seems like yesterday, when a couple staff members, along with our marketing partner Kelly Bigelow (Brand Edge Marketing) launched this event. While we brainstormed on ways to show Missoula community the beautiful Ranch Club facility, the club's family friendly environment, along with the club's genuine interest to give back to local non-profits... the crazy idea came to the table. 

The group concluded on the plan, while we envisioned a couple hundred people showing up to enjoy contributing to the good cause. First year, 900 people attended! Numerous activities such as; ice skating, curling, skiing, sled riding, face painting, animal exhibits, crafts, cookie decorating, beer/wine/liquor tasting, hockey, snow man decorating were all a raving hit. It became clear that Missoulians were hungry for something to do locally in the Winter time and the event became an annual ever since. For 2021, the activity details are still to-be-determined; however ONE new activity for the year includes the fun, new (to us) sport of Orienteering. Click here for Missoula's new Grizzly Orienteering's home page. Basically the sport challenges folks of all ages to efficiently utilize a topographic map, while searching for flag controls (also called checkpoints) within the 300 acre property. Three levels of Orienteering will be available each day of the Winter Break including a kids course, beginner course and an intermediate course. 

Accessible activity list changes every year, as weather is the biggest contingency factor. Number of participants over the years has ranged from 900-1,400. Sponsors play a HUGE part in the financial success of the event. Historically, Barb Christian Berkshire Hathaway has been our title sponsor most of the years we've had the event. 

Winter Break is typically held on the Sunday of Martin Luther King weekend as a single day festival. Not surprising, with COVID restrictions still in play, 2021 plans have significantly altered the flow of the event. This year, instead of ONE massive winter festival, we have expanded to 4 smaller events. Instead of 1,000 people on-site in one day, we are reduced to 75 per each day. Event dates are Saturday January 16th, Sunday January 17th, Saturday January 23rd and Sunday January 24th. Reservations are required to participate. Each participant can attend maximum of one day due to the limited availabilities. 

We begin accepting reservations on Friday, January 8th. The reservations will be automated through a separate website, which will be posted HERE. Numerous changes are required through Missoula Health Department; however we are very thankful that we have been granted access to do the event! All activities are outdoors, while activity detail will be available at a later date. Event entry fee's will be $10 per person and are to be paid on the day you attend during check in. Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the property. Group sizes of 25 will stick together throughout the day, and will rotate through activity stations. If you are experiencing any COVID like symptoms, please stay home and get healthy! 

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED and can be booked by clicking the link below. Phone reservations will not be accepted unfortunately. 





Thank you very much for your interest in The Ranch Club Winter Break! We appreciate it and are anxious to enter back to normal event flow for 2022! If you have questions please, email them to .